“Friends of The Ark” was formed in September of 2014 at a simple gathering at the residence of the President of The Children’s Ark. It represents a group of professional and non-professional people who are keen and interested in supporting the ‘cause’ and the work of The Children’s Ark. To date they have all contributed in many ways to the work of the organization, for the overall benefit of children in need.

The Children’s Ark has also formed a Committee of “Friends of the Ark”, for the purpose of assisting the Organisation in any way possible. The committee consists of professional business people, bank managers, a lawyer, a judge, an army major, media professionals, housewives and other semi-professional people, all for the benefit of children in dire need.

The Friends of The Ark have already made a significant contribution in many ways to The Children’s Ark; a registered, non-profit, charitable organization.

The Friends of the Ark are: Justice Gillian Lucky, Fianna Lalla, Major Leslie-Ann Mohammed, Justice Sandra Paul, Heather Doughlin, Francesca Hawkins, Alyssa Achong Low, Genevieve Dillon, Karyn Boocock, Susan Maingot, Roslyn Carrington, Ravi Ragcoomar, Dr. Hiliary Lee Cazabon, Jillian Hernandez, Claudia Yuille, Debbie Jardine, Faith Gurly, Denise Dorant, Simone Gillette, Kathryn Christopher, Cyntra Achong, Kiran Maraj, Christina Williams, Vinod Samlal, Joel Roberts and Letisha Jacobs.