The Children’s Ark implemented a Youth Cricket & Football Clinic at Phase 4 Beetham ( otherwise known as Hell Yard ) for eight months, as a pilot project, from on 18th April to the 12th December 2015; the sessions run every other Saturday, totaling 18 sessions.

We recognized the need for such an exercise and wanted to give the children an opportunity to channel their energies in a positive direction. We soon held discussions with Wayne Jordan of the Beetham and Daren Ganga and thereafter put together a plan of action, for the overall benefit of the children at Beetham.

The Children’s Ark manage and coordinate the overall event, ensuring that everything is in place at each Saturday session, including the supply of snacks and light drinks for the children. Before the sessions begin they are given a light breakfast and a drink, while at the end of the sessions they are again given refreshments. Snacks were kindly sponsored by Kiss Bakery and light drinks were sponsored by Tribe as well as Friends of The Ark.

The Daren Ganga Foundation and the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF… Army & Police ) have partnered with us on this initiative and we have 84 registered boys and girls from Beetham.

The children have an opportunity to learn not only a skill but also teamwork, discipline, responsibility and an opportunity to join football or cricket clubs. To date the Daren Ganga Foundation has already recognized the potential of some of the boys and girls. DGF has brought in two head coaches and two assistant coaches for both the cricket and football sessions, all professional in their field.

The IATF lend their support in any possible way, including security as well as medical services for the children if needed. The partnership has proven to be very successful indeed as we all work together to ensure that each session runs well and effectively.

On May 30th it was particularly eventful as the Police Commissioner attended the event and took the time to address the many children, informing them of the opportunity that lay before them, that they must get involved in the sport, learn well and find ways to channel their energies in the right direction.

Daren Ganga soon organized a football team headed by the Commissioner, with Directors and Friends of the Ark and Wayne Jordan, to play against the kids. The Commissioner took a knock and the kids bowled tirelessly to get the Commissioner out, with no luck. The President of the Children’s Ark then took her turn and after four balls was caught out by one on the children. “ Lots of “ hi five’s” were expressed…

Daren Ganga then put together a football team headed by Police Commissioner Stephen Williams, Directors and Friends of The Children’s Ark and Daren Ganga himself,,, against the children. The Commissioner proved his agility and was kept busy with the children, who had already begun to show their skills. It ended with a penalty ‘shoot out’ and with a draw, as the children continued to show their newly learnt skills.

It was tremendous fun as we all interacted in the sessions with the children, entertained one another and the fast growing crowd of onlookers.

Towards the end there was a handout of over eighty letters to the children for each of them to collect a free pair of shoes, donated by an organization but transitioned through RBC and Managing Director of RBC Daryl White was there to hand over the letters.

This initiative was coordinated by Friend of the Ark, Jillian Hernandez . The children also received complimentary t’shirts from The Children’s Ark.

Major General Kenrick Maharaj and Capt. Kent Moore from the Defence Force will also visit the Youth Cricket & Football Clinic at Beetham.

Our Patron, His Excellency The President Mr. Anthony Carmona, will hopefully visit the Sports Clinic in the near future, as well as Minister Brent Sancho and Brian Lara.

The children have shown a keen interest in learning and they all eagerly participate in the sessions.

The Children’s Ark is indeed grateful to the Daren Ganga Foundation and the IATF for their commitment and contribution to this most worthy cause.

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