The Children’s Ark implemented a six month “Awareness & Prevention “ national campaign on Child Trafficking in Trinidad & Tobago in late 2016, after having held discussions with Anuradha Koirala, Founder of Maiti Nepal (recipient of several international awards for her significant involvement in fighting the scourge of Human Trafficking in Nepal).,,

A four part prog. was put into effect to sensitize the general public, particularly children, to the reality of Human/Child Trafficking in T’dad & T’Go.

The 'Awareness & Prevention' Program was launched at a fundraising event at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, on October 23rd 2016, with over 450 guests attending, where both His Excellency the President Mr. Anthony Carmona and the Minister of National Security,,, Hon. Ret. Major General Edmund Dillon spoke,  endorsing the work of The Children's Ark and in particular,,, the 'Awareness & Prevention ' Program concerning Child Trafficking for the sex, drug and labour trades in and out of Trinidad & Tobago.

The Counter Trafficking Unit, under the umbrella of the Ministry of National Security and The Victims & Witness Support Unit, under the TT Police Service partnered with The Children’s Ark on this national campaign.  Over the months the team of TCA, CTU and VWSU made significant inroads within the national community, where support was given.

Our main target would be schools and communities, in partnership with the CTU and the VWSU via:

  • Electronic and print media advertising
  • Television interviews with ALL media houses
  • Ministry of Education  re: nation’s schools
  • Child size puppets ( plays) at schools / media
  • Strategically placed posters/flyers at Healthcare centres / Transport hubs and ALL public places and spaces.
  • Support and visit from 'Maiti Nepal', Human trafficking org in Nepal
  • Social media and others.

The Children’s Ark while spearheading this initiative, was the main financier of the six month “Awareness & Prevention “ campaign.

Tremendous support was given from all of the media houses, advertising agencies and many other entities, who gave of their services for the entire six months,, to the value of just under

 $1million in value,,,,, at no charge to The Children’s Ark

( too many to name)

The Ministry of Education approved our Anti- Trafficking material to over 600 schools.  Child-size puppets/skits in primary and secondary schools were also used to effectively get the message across to children and young people.

The final stage was a fundraising Luncheon on Friday 20th May2016, at the Hyatt Hotel Ballroom, where our guest speaker, Anuradha Koirala of Maiti Nepal, addressed our audience of approximately 500 guests, who were left in tears as she spoke of the details of the issues of trafficked children.

Over the years Maiti Nepal has rescued more than 29,000 children and young girls who were trafficked, in and out of Nepal.

His Excellency The President, Anthony Carmona and the Hon. Minister of National Security, Maj. Gen ( Ret ) Edmund Dillon also spoke at the Luncheon, where The Children’s Ark were praised their commitment, for their overall involvement and for taking the initiative to spearhead such a successful campaign,, by significantly contributing towards the eradication of such a heinous crime on the society.  

To quote from a UN report……

“ Education and knowledge of trafficking in persons among all members of society are key to beating human traffickers. All means must be used to raise awareness about the crime, its nature, causes and damage to victims.

The general public has a special role to play in fighting human trafficking, and it is crucial that we all work towards increasing education and knowledge.

However, it is estimated that some 1.2 million children are trafficked worldwide every year. At the global level, human trafficking for sexual exploitation is reported more frequently than other forms such as trafficking for forced labour, and remains the third most profitable illicit trade, after that of arms and drugs.

Trafficking exposes children to violence, sexual abuse and HIV infection and violates their rights to be protected, grow up in a family environment and have access to education. ”


The Board and Friends of The Children’s Ark , are deeply grateful for the magnanimous support received, on this so relevant and necessary six month anti trafficking campaign .

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