The Pre school at Beetham, “Each One Teach One” which is run by Wayne Jordan, is one of three projects that The Children’s Ark has taken on within six months of our incorporation.

This is a special school, where children from Beetham, Sea Lots, Laventille, Morvant and Trou Macaque attend. All marginalized, impoverished areas around the Capital. The commitment and dedication that Mr. Jordan holds regarding his children/preschool, is indeed special, having come from St. Michael’s home for boys many years ago. He has a unique way of communicating with and teaching ‘his’ children and as he puts it, “coming from here, the understanding is different”.

TThe Children’s Ark recognized the dire need and urgency in getting involved with this preschool. These children are tomorrow’s adults and this is where it all begins: with the children. These children deserve every chance available to them, equally, as any other preschool in Trinidad & Tobago. We have significantly upgraded the school by supplying them with a quantity of educational books and working tools, a new kitchen and toilet facilities for the children, as well as supplying them with children’s furniture which we had specially made by Servol.

The Children’s Ark also engaged the free services of the Army Reserve, under Capt. (N) Kent Moore re: repairs to the building and other necessary infrastructural work done to the school. After three weeks, the work was completed and a fine job was done under the supervision of Capt. Leslie Ann Mohammed.

On June 5th, 2014, the project was completed and a ceremony held to acknowledge the occasion. The 56 students, some of them challenged, and the little ones, are now in a comfortable and happy environment in which to enjoy their early preschool years. The Principal, Wayne Patrick Jordan is elated at the upgrade of the Each One Teach One special school.

“There is a well-known African Proverb which says “It takes a whole village to raise a child”. In other words, no one person can do everything and be everything for a child. This event this morning to signify the completion of refurbishment works on the Each One Teach One School demonstrates this.

Earlier this year the Children’s Ark approached the Defence Force Reserves to partner with them in carry out refurbishment works on the School. Given the nature of the project we readily accepted the proposal. What was the proposal? It was that the Children’s Ark would provide the materials and the Defence Force Reserves would provide the skilled personnel needed to improve the physical conditions of the school, so that the children would have an environment that is better suited to their learning.

The project begun on Monday 12th May this year and was originally given an estimated completion time of three weeks. It was however completed on Friday 23rd May, approximately one week earlier than the projected completion date.

Let me take this opportunity to publically thank each of the members of the Defence Force Reserves who were part of this project, for their effort in bringing the project to an early and successful completion.

On behalf of the Officers, men and women of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Reserves I also wish to indicate that it was our privilege to be a part of the joint effort that went into completing the School and bringing it to the impressive standard that we see here today. To us this was a great opportunity to contribute to our nation’s development.

It is my hope that the effort of all concerned would contribute in some way to the lives of the children of the Each One Teach One School and the community as a whole, and that they will enjoy the improvements that have been made.

I would like to take this opportunity to also thank the residence of the community and in particular the supporting and committed parents, teachers and staff for without them this would not have been possible.

I take this opportunity to further thank the Board of Directors of the Children’s Ark for considering us, the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force Reserves, to partner with your organization there by allowing us to contribute to the project with the intentions of improving the lives of the Staff and Children of the Each One Teach One School and by extension the Beetham Community.

It was indeed a great pleasure working with the Children’s Ark and the Each One Teach One School.

Thank You Ladies and Gentlemen for the kind courtesy of your attention.”

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