A family of seven with five children. This project came to us through one of our "Friends of the Ark" Francesca, who put us on to the policeman in Tabaquite who had first taken up the mantle to help this family living in a very small, humble dwelling.

With no utilities whatsoever nor comforts to ease their daily lives, the children were all bunked up in one small room and the parents in the other. Simone, together with another "Friend of The Ark", Nadia, ventured off to Tabaquite soon thereafter with a view to improving their living arrangements. The Board of The Children's Ark agreed to construct a modest three bedroom home for the family, together with Nadia. The three girls will now have their own room as well as the two boys.

The kind policeman who is still involved with the project, has reported that the children are indeed very excited to move into their new home. On completion of this modest home, it is expected that assistance will be given towards internal furnishings.

On Saturday Feb 28th, 2015, members of The Children's Ark happily ventured far into the countryside of Tabaquite, Trinidad, using the new 30 seater bus that The Children's Ark recently donated to Goodwill Industries. It was such a remarkable turn of events. The newly built 3 bedroom house was soon handed over to the family with 5 small children; A bedroom for the boys and a bedroom for the girls and one for the parents, a sizable kitchen and bathroom facilities with toilet and shower and running water.

The family of seven were indeed very happy and excited, expressing their deep gratitude to The Children's Ark, officer Ramlochan and all who took part in the building of the house, whereby they humbly accepted the keys to their new home. The house was built at a cost of approx. $ 175,000.00 and The Children's Ark is indeed thankful to our special and kind supporter who contributed a significant amount of funds and the use of his contractor, who also donated material. The Children's Ark is indeed grateful to all those who came together to support this venture, especially Officer Kimraj Ramlochan, who also played a big role on this project and assisted in coordinating the efforts, while the house was under construction.

The Children's Ark is committed to helping children in dire need, whether underprivileged, abused , addicted, abandoned or otherwise challenged.

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