To seek to improve the lives and living conditions of our nation’s marginalized children; whether underprivileged, abused, abandoned, addicted or otherwise challenged.

The name Ark, associated with Noah’s Ark, connotes something affording protection, safety, shelter, or a signed agreement to perform some action.

A non-profit organization formed to specifically cater to the desperate and dire needs of marginalized and ‘at risk’ children, particularly the young children and teenagers from impoverished and crime prone areas in our country.

Our role and objective would be to seek out who, where and how best we could assist by funding, subject to compliance with certain criteria, therefore bringing about positive lifestyle changes wherever possible, and to assist other registered, charitable, non-profit organizations with projects that would improve the quality of life and living conditions of marginalized children for the long term benefit, wherever possible.

Her Excellency Paula Mae Weekes is a Patron of The Children’s Ark


Former President of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago,
Mr. Anthony Carmona

The country’s adults have failed to set good examples of proper conduct, humility, tolerance and respect for our children. We have stumbled and we keep on stumbling. We have spawned a generation that is in crisis. We need to return to basics as the rippled effects of neglected and abused children affected the society too, causing the country as a whole to reap the fruits of their discontent.

There is no nobler cause than the one being pursued by the childrens ark… There can be no stronger symbol of protection than the ark. THE ARK could push society to bear witness to its humanity by our actions rather than our glorious words. I am confident that THE CHILDREN’S ARK will be the type of NGO that will create a holistic environment that will create a citizen and a patriot that we can all be proud of.


Two of the 4 internationally recognized responses to human trafficking, as outlined in the Palermo Protocol are Prevention and Partnerships/Cooperation. The Children's Ark, by initiating a Public Awareness Campaign against Child Trafficking, partnered very closely with key state agencies involved in Trinidad and Tobago's anti-trafficking efforts- the Counter Trafficking Unit and the Victim Witness and Support Unit. The thrust of the Children's Ark Child Trafficking campaign complemented and enhanced efforts made by the CTU to educate and raise awareness about human trafficking.

The Children's Ark was successful in raising adequate sponsorship and support through public-private partnerships and through its wide network to enhance national and government efforts. It is this kind of strong and coordinated partnership and cooperation that NGOs can engage in to booster and strengthen government efforts in fighting serious crimes in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Children's Ark represents a community of professionals who have chosen to have a voice in how Trinidad and Tobago responds to serious crimes against our nation's children. Now, six months later, the entire nation, from the sea ports to the airports to the beaches like Maracas Bay are made aware that child trafficking is real and that Trinidad and Tobago is not immune to this heinous crime.

The wide media support and coverage of the Children's Ark Campaign influenced the general public to call the CTU toll free hotline and demonstrated that NGOs and indeed we as citizens do have a voice and we can influence, enhance and support the good work being executed by state agencies.

- Alana Wheeler
Head I Counter Trafficking Unit
Ministry of National Security

Our Impression

Children's Ark event was able to bring in all the stakeholders together- government, civil societies and corporate sectors.

Commitment from multi sectorial entities was vital and significant for the broader solidarity,which was achieved .Providing a forum for people representing all the spheres of life and bringing them together for the common cause was commendable.

It was an important opportunity to gauze and experience the global gravity of human trafficking problem and the collective efforts being launched against this heinous crime. Children's Ark six months long awareness campaign in schools, ports, airports, beaches on trafficking issues was instrumental in saving a large number of children from falling prey to traffickers.

Awareness raising has always played a prominent role globally to prevent trafficking. Just like Children's Ark, Maiti Nepal has often prioritized awareness activities. We regularly conduct such program in different locations of Nepal and the outcomes have always met the expectations. We feel glad that Children's Ark and Maiti Nepal harmonize each other in this aspect too.

Prevention of Trafficking is the first initiative which any anti trafficking organization takes up. On the other hand, the survivors of the crime also need to get proper restitution, compensation and reparation. The criminal justice system has to be made vibrant.

A viable collaboration between investigators (police), public prosecutors and judiciary is required to ensure adequate justice to survivors.

Children's Ark need to bolster this initiative too.

Prevention, protection and prosecution should be intricately connected and harmonized. International instruments and protocols like Palermo Protocols also mandates the provision of proper justice including reparation to survivors of trafficking and other heinous crimes.

We would like to thank you for inviting us in the event. It was a great opportunity to share and learn. We look forward to being together in other events of likewise nature in future.

- Anuradha Koirala
Bishwo Khadka
Maiti Nepal, Kathmandu

It is accepted that children and young people generally are most at risk of being neglected or abused in a society which is quickly losing its moral fibre and prone to criminal activities which target children.

In this regard the Work of the Children’s Ark must be viewed in the context of much more than assisting vulnerable people but also helping institutions, homes and schools which provide shelter, support and learning for young people.

In that regard we ask all those citizens who genuinely want a better future for all our young people to come on board through donations and sponsorship of the projects of the Children’s Ark.

- Gillian Lucky

In my day, cricket played a significant role in my own youth. It was through realizing that I was better when part of a team, that I was as significant as any other, that sport provided direction in my own life. Football was my own highlight, but that willingness to sacrifice, to make hard decisions when others were saying otherwise, is what enabled my eventual successes. If I can offer anything, anything at all, it is that I was always willing to do what I felt was right, and able to resist others if they said differently. That was, and remains the backbone of who I am.

Thank you and continued successes to The Children’s Ark, as you continue to be a beacon to those who need you most. God speed to the youths who benefit from the organization, you remain our country’s brightest lights. Keep shining.

- Shaka Hislop

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Donation from Medcorp Ltd.

The Children's Ark receive a cheque for $500,000.00 from Medcorp Ltd.

Donation from Medcorp Ltd.

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The Children's Ark receive a cheque for $20,000.00 from the Royal College of Nairobi alumni 1960's reunion

Donation from Nairobi

Donation from Nutrien Company

Directors of The Children’s Ark l-r Dr Jean Ramjohn Richards ( former First Lady) April Bermudez, Michael de la Bastide ( former Chief Justice & President of the CCJ), Nicolette Johnson ( HR Nutrien ) Simone de la Bastide President TCA, Ian Welch MD Nutrien, Carolyn Hart Treasurer, Patt Christopher Secretary , Vicki Assevero Mottley, Dr. Kongshiek Achong Low, VP of TCA. ( missing TCA Directors.... Kathy Ann Waterman, Danny Montano and Dhisha Moorjani.

Donation from Nutrien Company
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Prison Reading Project with Commissioner of Prisons

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Brian MacFarlane contributes a cheque to The Children's Ark

Brian MacFarlane contributes a cheque for $100,000.00 to The Children's Ark for their project at Princess Elizabeth Home for handicapped children.

Brian MacFarlane contributes a cheque to The Children's Ark

Prison reading project/ New library

Prison Reading Project with Commissioner of Prisons

Prison Reading Project with Commissioner of Prisons
Prison Reading Project with Commissioner of Prisons


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Third Annual Fundraising Luncheon

Recent completion of a six month Child Trafficking Awareness & Prevention

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Board of Directors of the Children's Ark -

L-R. Vicki Assevero Mottley, Fmr Chief Justice Michael de la Bastide, Dr. Kongshiek Achong Low, Dhisha Moorjani, Danny Montano, Carol-lyn Hart

Front row. Former First Lady Dr. Jean Ramjohn Richards, Simone de la Bastide (President) , April Bermudez,

missing... Justice Kathy Waterman Latchoo, Patt Christopher

Board of Directors of the Children's Ark

Annual Charity Donation to The Childrens Ark

Annual Charity Donation to The Childrens Ark

RBC Cheque for the Children's Ark

RBC cheque for children's ark

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