The Children’s Ark were indeed very happy to assist with the funding of special therapeutic equipment for the many children with both physical and mental challenges.

Two of its Board members Sofia Leon and Elizabeth Aleong reached out to The Children's Ark earlier this year for funding of  much needed therapeutic equipment such as: 

  • An 8-Electrode TENS Machine:
  • O.T.  Assessment Tools
  • Weighted Vests
  • Bear Hugs and Sensation pillows
  • Theraputty Hand Exercising Putty  and other therapeutic equipment.

CARIBBEAN KIDS AND FAMILIES THERAPY OGANIZATION (CKFTO) is the sole non-profit provider in the private health sector of Clinic-based Occupational and Music Therapy for special needs children between birth and 21 years here in Trinidad. 

They focus on the promotion of fine motor, perceptual, cognitive and developmental skills in children with various levels of special needs and learning differences. Through a family-centered approach, they address the specific needs of each child and the individuals in that child's world.

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