The Children's Ark received a request for assistance from "Healing With Horses" in Bucco, Tobago, for items which would contribute to and benefit the many differently abled children of all backgrounds, between the ages of 6 - 12; using therapy through horses, where they experience a strong sense of bonding and affection, along with the physical benefits of strengthening and improved balance from horseback riding and regularly interacting with the horses, as each child is given this opportunity. There are also other areas of creative therapy that are used for the children. The impressive and remarkable program used by HWH for children with autism and other physical and mental challenges has proven to be successful in several areas.

After members of our organisation visited HWH a few times in Tobago; The Children's Ark soon contributed among other things, life jackets, (used for riding the horses in the sea) medical kits, sports items, communication equipment and a water filtration system for water purification.

The facility and program is efficiently managed by professionals in the field, who are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of these many differently abled children, along with many local and foreign volunteers who have a keen interest and desire to help these children. The Children's Ark is indeed very happy to be a part of their success story, particularly where these special children are concerned.

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